Tailoring in Hoi An

A few people are starting to get interested in the fact that Hoi An is the centre of Tailoring in Vietnam and certainly as the wedding party we are all getting our wedding outfits made over there and I am even getting my dress made over there by a specialist.
It is worth noting that there are good and not as good experiences, as despite Hoi An having thousands of tailors some of them have never stitched a thing – they are just Brokers who outsource the work to sweatshops outside town.
My friend Steve contacted me recently as he has done quite a lot of research to get some men’s suits made and has made a decision to go with a company called Bebe Tailor , this is also the tailor that we are getting our wedding clothing made at and was the main one recommended by the wedding planner.
The reviews online for Bebe’s are very good and they have been covered in western press, they are a bit more expensive (relatively) 2-300 dollars for a man’s suit (still cheap versus U.K. Or NZ) but they do all their own tailoring and are rated very highly, a colleague of Steve’s has a suit made there and it’s a great job.
The Manager of Be Be’s is an Englishman called Guy, who is the Son in Law of the lady that owns it.  I have his contact details if you wanted to get in touch with him before heading out, but equally, you can just go there once you arrive.
A blog and further recommendation for Bebe’s: https://blog.christinas.vn/guide-to-tailoring-in-hoi-an/
I have had a note from the wedding planner that they have some personalised discount cards for a few things around Hoi An and believe the Tailor is one of them, so we will try and get the out to everyone at the welcome drinks or the next event/s.

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